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BAR/OLC Tube Cricket

The Tube Cricket is a half-watt guitar amp collaboration between Beavis Audio Research and OLCircuits. This bizarre recombination of ideas (think Jeff Goldblum in “The Fly”) yields a nice gainy sound that won’t disturb sleeping kids, neighbors, or your parole officer. This kit runs on the included 12 VDC wall-wart adapter and can power a 4x12 cab for meaty tone.

Tube Cricket
Note1: this is the pre-built version for illustrative purposes. The kit version will be bare metal... an open canvas upon which to add your touch.
Note2: the aesthetic 'rollbars' (near the tube), are no longer available.

none yet

Hybrid Design (tube preamp, chipamp power amp)
Instrument-level Input / Speaker-level Output
Operates on 12 VDC power adapter (included for US customers, see this FAQ for specs and a recommended Maplin unit for international customers)
Three controls: Gain, Tone, Master

Kit: $135 (includes PCB)

PCB alone: $20


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