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Mint Condition New!

The Mint Condition - known affectionately around here as "YATS" - is Yet Another Tube Screamer. It's a straight TS-808, but has a toggle switch for low-end frequency response. In the "classic" mode, you have the TS-808 as it was designed. In the "fat" mode, you have a much fatter tone. Switching the capacitors in and out isn't enough, though. The gain should be compensated at the same time - that's also been worked into the circuit.

Note: this is a prebuilt pedal for illustrative purposes. The kit version will be bare metal... an open canvas upon which to add your touch.

Clips soon.

Four controls: Gain, Tone, Classic/Fat toggle, Volume
Accepts standard BOSS-type or common pedalboard supply

Pedal: $160 (plug&play boutique pedal, powder-coated in white. Identical to above picture). Will ship in approximately 4 weeks.
Kit: $80 (includes PCB)
PCB alone: $20



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