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English Channel by Runoffgroove

From The Vox AC-30 amp is considered by many to be the defining sound of the British Invasion during the 1960s. The Top Boost circuitry provided crisp treble-laden overdrive that perfectly complemented the rich bass content. The English Channel is a JFET-based distortion stompbox that uses the same basic architecture as that classic early '60s amp. This circuit is based on a 1961 Vox AC-30 with Top Boost, as designed by Tom Jennings and Dick Denney. Artists such as Tom Petty, Brian May, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and the Shadows have used the AC-30 during their careers.


English Channel pic
Note: this is a prebuilt pedal for illustrative purposes. The kit version will be bare metal... an open canvas upon which to add your touch.


English Channel
recording by: team
(dual HB guitar>English Channel (many different settings)>Randall SS amp>mic>sound card>software reverb)
Five controls: Gain, Bass, Treble, Cut, Volume

Pedal: $160 (plug&play boutique pedal, powder-coated in white. Identical to above picture). Will ship in approximately 4 weeks.
Kit: $75 (includes PCB)
PCB alone: $15



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