Officially Licenced Circuits

Eighteen by Runoffgroove

From Around 1965, Marshall introduced a few amps built around an 18 Watt EL84 powered circuit. While these models were intended for practice, the sound was much better than other small amps. Unfortunately, only a few hundred of these combos were manufactured over the next three years. These rare amps were given the model numbers 1958 for the 2X10" combo, 1973 for the 2X12" combo, and 1974 for the 1X12" version.

The features were two channels with Volume and a single Tone on each, along with Tremolo on one channel and an optional Reverb. The 18W amps consisted of 3 12AX7 type tubes and a pair of EL84 power tubes in push-pull configuration. Legend says Jim Marshall bought the circuit from Watkins Electric Music. Watkins sold a very similar amp they called the "Watkins Dominator."


Eighteen Pic

Note: This is a pedal for illustrative purposes. The kit version will be bare metal... an open canvas on which to add your touch.

Clip (from
recording by: team
(left channel) Volume 60%, Tone 75%
(right channel) Volume 100%, Tone 75%
(bridge pickup>Eighteen>cab sim>software reverb)
Three controls: Gain, Tone, Volume

Pedal: $150 (plug&play boutique pedal, powder-coated in white. Identical to above picture). Will ship in approximately 4 weeks.
Kit: $70 (includes PCB)
PCB alone: $15